Roof Inspection & Evaluation
Services in NY

Professional roof inspection services to help you safeguard your residential and commercial property’s roofs.

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Roof Inspection & Evaluation Services in NY

Your property’s roof is an essential part of the structure. Its proper condition and maintenance are crucial not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the integrity of the overall structure. Getting your roof’s condition evaluator by licensed roofing contractors is necessary if you are looking to buy a new property or sell your existing one.

Even if you are not looking to sell, it is important to regularly have your roof evaluated to make sure it is not at any risk of serious damage or water leak. At Zicklin Contracting, we are licensed general contractors that excel in roof evaluation and inspection. If you want professional roof consultation, look no further than us.

Why You Need Roof Evaluation for Your Property

There are many reasons why clients in the New York area want or need to get their roof evaluation done. Below are some of those reasons:

  • To Gauge Damage

    If your property has recently been through a storm or a hurricane, you would want to get its roof evaluated to make sure what the extent of the damage is if any. Putting this off for too long can result in safety concerns for all the occupants of that building.

  • Before Purchasing a Property

    Buyers in today’s real estate market are especially cautious. They know the importance of your roof’s structural integrity. So, before purchasing any property, they hire roof inspectors to check out the property’s roof and provide an extensive report. This report will go a long way towards them deciding to purchase or not.

  • Before Selling a Property

    People looking to put their property on the market also have their roofs evaluated. They want to make sure there are no major damages to the roof and to make sure it does not require any major overhauling.

  • For Annual Property Health Check

    Some property owners regularly have their buildings inspected to make sure they are still up to code and to prevent any unforeseen damage. These people like being prepared beforehand and always make sure that their home or office building is in good shape.

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Signs of Damage We Look for During Residential and Commercial Roof Inspection

When our team of roof evaluators inspects any rooftop, they look for certain signs of damage to your roof. Based on the presence of those signs, they prepare and submit their report. Some of these signs are:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Damaged Gutters
  • Water Damage
  • Swollen Wood
  • Inconsistencies in the Roof Line
  • Damaged Caulk

Why Hire Us for Your Roof Inspection?

Our team has been successfully providing roof evaluation to buildings across the NY Tri-State area. Check out some key reasons you should hire us when you are searching for a roof inspection near me.

Certified and Licensed Roof Inspectors

We employ only licensed and certified roof inspectors that thoroughly evaluate your roof for any signs of damage. After that, they provide you with a report that is well-detailed and contains all the information you need to make a plan of action.

Over Three Decades of Experience

Our staff has a total experience of over 35 years. This experience makes sure they know every aspect of their job well. Our roof inspectors know all the local laws and building codes. Their evaluation will be conducted keeping all this in mind.

Award-Winning Services

We have great ratings from our clients and are a top-rated contracting service as per Home Advisor. This shows just how much our clients love our work and stand by us. We are committed to delivering results that match their expectations.

We are Roofing Experts

We provide thorough roof evaluations because we are industry experts in roof installation and renovation in the New York area. We handle various roofing projects like new roof installation, roof restoration, green roofing, skylight installation, etc. Our deep knowledge of roofing makes us the right people for you.

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