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Commercial and Residential New Roof Installation Service

Zicklin Contracting is a leading company that offers professional roofing services for both commercial as well as residential properties. We are the first choice for anyone in the Tri-State area who is looking to construct a new roof for their property. Our staff has a total experience of 35 years and they have delivered the best quality work for our clients.

We are specialists in new roof installation. Apart from new roof installation, we handle building skylights, waterproofing, restoration, and renovation. We have a solid track record of completing thousands of projects within the deadline. We install some of the most aesthetically appealing and structurally sound new roofs for you.

Our team of roofing experts will guide you on which type of roof would be best for your office or home. Based on their inputs and understanding of your requirements, we will install the best possible roof for you.

Benefits of Hiring Us as Your Roofing Services Company

If you choose to hire us for your new roof installation, then you will be getting the benefit of working with a world-class team that knows their job well. Check out some other benefits of hiring us.

  • 35 Years of New Roof Installation Experience

    Our team of professional roofers has been installing new roofs for over three decades. We know what it takes to build a roof that is beautiful to look at but is also strong enough to withstand decades of punishment from the environment.

  • Commercial and Residential Roofing Expertise

    Zicklin Contracting has provided both commercial roofing services as well as residential roofing services to our clients. Whether it's the roof of a tall skyscraper or a two-story house, we have professional expertise in installing them both. Our experience makes us a well-rounded contracting company.

  • We Install Different Types of New Roofs

    We are not just experienced in installing roofs of a certain type but of all different varieties. These include flat roofs, shingle roofs, asphalt roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, cold roofing, hot roofing, etc. No matter what your requirements are, we are the perfect roofing services company for you.

  • Affordable New Roof Installation

    We offer affordable new roof installation services that ensure you get the highest quality of work, without going over your budget. Our services are pocket-friendly regardless of whether you have a commercial or residential project.

Our New Roof Installation Work Process

Our new roof installation work process is designed to make sure the client knows at all times what is happening on their project and that their inputs matter.


In this phase, we and the client discuss what type of roof they want & what is recommended. We also share a timeline & budget for the new roof installation.


Once we finalize the plans, our team begins the new roof installation process where we use the best materials and the most experienced members of our staff


At last, we complete the installation within the estimated time and budget.

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