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authorZicklin 05 Nov, 2022

What Happens During Your Roof Installation?

While purchasing a new roof can be an excellent decision, installing it requires special care and expertise from professionals such as Zicklin Contracting. Many issues must be considered during installation to complete it professionally and with great attention to every minute detail.

Zicklin Contracting strives to make installing your roof as effortless and painless as possible, so here is our breakdown of how the process works:

Roof Installation Process Explained

When our clients visit us for roof repair, we strive to inform them of what they can expect. Your inspector will explain each process step-by-step - however, here is a brief outline:

Protecting Your Residence and Landscape

Our top priority for security is your home; that means securing its siding, windows and landscaping elements such as vegetation. For this purpose, we suggest adding indoor potted vegetation in potted containers; taking away furniture that might cause harm from moving vehicles while you work; parking in the street when working if possible - plus, our roofing companies take preventative measures against falling debris damage that might otherwise endanger things that don't move such as your residence itself. Removing Old Roof Bung Our crew will remove all old shingles to inspect the decking underneath and take steps to eliminate any damaged ones.

Before we install your roof, we must conduct a detailed decking inspection to ensure its condition is top-notch. We'll inspect every square inch for signs of decayed or softwood and replace any we find as soon as we detect it.

How to Prepare Your Roof Once the decking has been installed, we will install drip edges to prevent rainwater from seeping into our roofing materials and protect our deck in case water damage or ice occur. Underlayment should also be added to provide protection in case damage or ice forms in future years, as well as roofing felt to stop shingles from sticking to wood surfaces.

Installation of New Materials

At this project stage, your roof's new look begins to take form as we install its roofing material. Whether it is shingles or another type, this phase should make you happiest. We start from the bottom up and transform your house's facade.


We aim to remove any debris left behind after your new roof installation. We will first clear away all old materials before searching the area for nails and other debris left by this work. Because our goal is complete customer satisfaction, we also aim to tidy up every job site before leaving it behind us.

Once the installation has been completed, our experts will conduct a post-installation inspection to evaluate all components of your roof's integrity and answer any queries about its features or ongoing requirements for maintenance. Furthermore, as is always the case with our services, they're more than willing to address any concerns or answer your questions and outline any preventive measures or upkeep steps that should be undertaken in the future.

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