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authorZicklin 10 Dec, 2022

What Do You Need To Know About Roofing?

When replacing or installing a roof, it's essential to become knowledgeable about roofing terms and options. While you don't need to know everything that goes into installing a roof, understanding what needs doing on your home and what repairs may be needed will provide peace of mind.

It's essential to understand the distinctions between metal, asphalt, tile, and low-slope roofing systems. Once you understand their advantages and how they fit into your budget, you can make an informed decision as to which option best suits your home's requirements. For instance, some homeowners favor metal roofing due to its long lifespan and resistance to fire, rot, mildew, and insects. Furthermore, metal roofs are lightweight compared to other materials which makes them more lightweight but still provide protection from leaks during storms.

Important Factors To Consider

When selecting a roof for your home, style, and color options are important factors to consider. At Zicklin Contracting, we can assist you every step of the way; from selecting a style to going through color options so you feel confident in your new investment, to enjoying peace of mind knowing it will look stunning when completed.

To become familiar with roofing, it's wise to research brands and companies that offer great warranties. Even if you don't have time for all that research, don't worry! The experts at Zicklin Contracting are here for assistance; we can answer all of your queries regarding roof installation processes until you're completely satisfied and comfortable with your investment and installation process every step of the way!

At Zicklin Contracting, we take roof installations seriously - from new installations to replacement and restorations - plus environmental options and more! With 35 years of collective experience under our belts as Platinum Preferred Contractors, we know roofing inside and out. That's why we've become the go-to roofing contractor for so many in New York: simply the best!

How To Choose The Right Roofing Contractors NY?

Selecting the ideal roofing contractors is just as essential as fixing your roof correctly. Just like with cars, windows, and home appliances, even if you pick the highest-grade item it may not function correctly if not assembled properly. For instance, if you purchase the most advanced washing machine on the market and entrust someone with little expertise to hook it up, your washing machine may not function optimally or at all. It could leak, not fill up completely, or even fail. It's not the washer's fault, but rather the installer's. This holds true for any product requiring assembly - you wouldn't expect your car to work if its engine wasn't connected correctly, would you? That is why finding qualified roofing contractors is so important when installing a roof.

If it's not installed correctly, you could face serious problems like water damage and leaks - with potentially costly repair bills due to non-professional contractors' mistakes. Unfortunately, these non-reputable and unprofessional companies often won't take responsibility for their mistakes either.

When selecting a roofing contractor, you must do some research and source your best options. Don't let low prices or sweet talkers fool you; select an experienced and reliable company that can handle the job correctly - after all, this is your home, and money that is at stake here!

At Zicklin Contracting, our 35 years of collective experience can guide you every step of the way during your roofing installation. Whether it's your first call or on installation day, we are here for you. As New York's number one roof contractors, we take great pleasure in helping members of the New York community keep their homes secure.

At Zicklin Contracting, our highly trained staff takes great pride in their work and strives to make each installation run as seamlessly as possible. All employees undergo a stringent background check and drug testing for added assurance. At our company, we hire only the best employees; experienced, certified experts who strive to make each installation the best it can be - helping ensure our customers remain satisfied with their investments for years to come.

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