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Our Company only does Sidewalk Repairs. Anything and everything related to sidewalks we do it.
DOT Violation Removals, DOB Sidewalk Corrections, Steel Curbs, Driveways.

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NYC DOT Sidewalk Violations

NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) will mail the homeowner a violation for the sidewalk called Preliminary Inspection Report. This report will show a diagram of your property with the sidewalk flags marked which are defects and need to be repaired.

DOT will also file a notice with the county clerk office regarding the violation on your property. This will stop the homeowner from selling the home until the violation is repaired and removed. The homeowner has 75 days to hire a contractor and make the repairs.

If repairs are not made in 75 days, DOT has the right to place a lien on the house and also hire a contractor to make the repairs. The homeowner will be charged with cost of the repairs the contractor does on behave of DOT.

  • Notice Of Violation or Preliminary Inspection Report is mailed to the home owner.
  • Violation for the home is field with the County Clerk office.
  • Home Owner has 75 days to make the repairs for the sidewalk, or the DOT will file a lien on the property.
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NYC DOB Sidewalk Violation

NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) T will mail the homeowner a violation for the sidewalk called Request for Corrective Action. This report will show the home owner why the violation was given to the homeowner and also tell the owner how to correct the violation.

DOB will give the homeowner 60 days to correct the violation conditions otherwise will fine the home owner until the violation has been repaired.

  • DOB will mail a Request for Corrective Action (RCA) to the Homeowner.
  • 60 days to make the repairs and correct the violation.
  • If not violation not corrected within 60 days, homeowner will be fined and Violation will remain on record until repaired.

We can help Remove Sidewalk Violations and Remove Liens on Properties.

We are a Licensed and Insured contractor in NYC. As a contractor who only Repairs Sidewalks, we can guaranty we can help you remove sidewalk violations you have on your properties. We follow DOT standard when repairing sidewalks and warranty our work to pass DOT and DOB inspections as no extra charge to the homeowner. And We work in five major areas- Bronx , Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City, Queens

Licensed and Insured

We are fully Licensed and Insured contractor in New York City. We Serve the 5 Boroughs

DOT Violations Removal

We will help remove all violations related to sidewalks, Curbs and Trees.

DOB Violation Removal

We will help you remove any liens on your house by DOT from outstanding Violations.

100% Inspection Pass

We guaranty your inspection will pass and Violations removed.

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