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authorZicklin05 Dec, 2022

How Can You Determine That You Need Masonry Contractors NY?

Concrete is used for virtually everything! However, knowing when it needs repair can be challenging. Luckily, concrete contractors offer concrete repair solutions!

As with many homeowners, concrete can be found in various spaces, both commercial buildings and homes. From sidewalks, driveways, porch steps, garage floors, or patios - from building itself to driveways - concrete material is known for its durability, stability, strength, and resilience - making it the go-to choice. Even though its lifespan can last decades upon decades, keep in mind that even though concrete is highly durable, it still needs to be protected against elements - especially external ones on sidewalks!

What Should You Know? Masonry Contractors NY

Over time concrete tends to wear down, necessitating professional repair services to create beautiful structures with structural security and aesthetic appeal. To ensure that the concrete you use remains stable and safe, you must be aware of signs of wear - any time any concrete damage occurs promptly and efficiently, preventing further deterioration.

To achieve this goal, regular concrete repair services must be scheduled as they become necessary. Our team at Zicklin Contracting can offer all the services required to keep your concrete surfaces in top shape. Below are some signs indicating maintenance or repairs are necessary to keep exterior surfaces in their optimal state of repair.

When your concrete needs repair, now is the time. Cracked surfaces indicate an issue; any noticeable or growing structural cracks on their surface may necessitate resurfacing to restore their appearance. Cracks may arise for various reasons - the earth is expanding and contracting due to weather changes, chemical substances (de-icers and oil agents) degrading it over time, etc.

For instance, experiencing periods of heavy rainfall followed by dry, hot weather can cause your soil to expand and then contract, ultimately impacting concrete bases due to movement underground from the soil movement.

What’s The Solution? Masonry Contractors NY

Conducting an in-depth inspection and consulting the expertise of concrete repair specialists will allow you to assess the extent of damage and determine whether a simple touch-up or more extensive repairs are required for the concrete surface.

Cracked pavement could be repaired with patching materials; however, larger or deeper cracks can only be patched without incurring significant costs and risks of injury. When this happens, upgrades may be necessary to minimize damage and injury risk.

  • Uneven or sunken concrete: Drainage issues can damage structures, potentially due to weather-related factors or poor foundations. This structural damage may involve uneven or sunken concrete.

Sunken concrete may also be caused by improper drainage. When we refer to drainage problems here, we mean that water may pool and sink under its weight, leading to damage on its surface, structural issues requiring repair or replacement, and drainage solutions.

  • Accumulation of water: One of the leading causes of destruction to floors and concrete structures, water accumulation can become an increasing source of destruction after rainstorms. Suppose water accumulates after being washed into your basement by flooding or showering. In that case, it's because its drainage channels have become blocked due to inadequate drains allowing it to drain properly into your floor or structure.

Heavy rains soften the soil, leading to its erosion during winter. Because this increases and augments the ratio between cement and water, running water both above and below the surface may result in sinking, which then exerts strain upon it that causes cracks to emerge on its surface due to strain caused by massive forces.

First, you must inspect your patio, driveway, and concrete slabs. Any evidence of water accumulating on a driveway or pooling on a parking lot or patio surfaces indicates improper drainage system operation; should this occur, repainting may be required to redirect water flow away from that surface and away from accumulating on it.

  • Weathered and Aged Appearance Concrete surfaces can discolor over time, leading to discolored spots or stains, making for less attractive surfaces. Cracked areas, pooling of water potholes, unevenness, and cracks all indicate age-related effects, such as cracked grout lines. There may also be issues lurking beneath that still need to be addressed and may affect its structural integrity in the long term.

Discoloration typically results from exposure to UV rays or heat from the sun, which triggers the oxidation process and causes discoloration to your concrete, diminishing its aesthetics and creating an aged and worn look that deteriorates its aesthetic value.

If any of these symptoms arise, now is the time to act. Start by assessing your concrete to ascertain which steps must be taken next.

Are You Searching for Masonry Contractors Near NY?

Are you searching for professional concrete repair experts for renovation or repairs to concrete surfaces? You must connect with licensed and reliable sidewalk professionals in NYC who specialize in sidewalk repair and removal of violations to ensure long-term strength, stability, and appearance of the surface in question. Our licensed sidewalk experts at Zicklin Contracting specialize in repairing sidewalks and removing violations in NYC to keep its strength, stability, and appearance thriving for years ahead.

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